Portrait of Robert Sessley Jr., President of Sessley Building Services.



Why or how did you get into construction?

I got into construction through family heritage and a personal passion for business and building. My father established a high-end residential remodeling company in 1977, which became the foundation of my journey. While pursuing my graduate studies in business and CRP, I realized that building on my father’s legacy was my true calling. 2011 I officially took over his business and transformed it into a thriving commercial general contracting venture.


The company’s growth, now operating in the 10s of millions, was made possible by combining my father’s strengths in fostering win-win relationships and delivering quality construction with my organizational skills and values, implementing business systems, and networking. Additionally, mentorships and strategic partnerships within the construction industry played a vital role in accelerating our progress and success.


First project/most memorable/most proud project you were a part of:

The first project I am most proud of is my father’s kitchen remodel, which I worked on during college. This experience was a turning point for me, as I realized I could contribute more than just labor in construction. It opened my eyes to the value of sourcing materials, hiring the best subcontractors, and managing the project flow.


The second project that holds significant pride for me is the crew stadium project, which I undertook with my current business partner. We had been discussing the possibility of working together for two years, and this project allowed us to put our collaborative model into action. Together, we built a foundation for growth, which has since evolved into Sessley Building Services, a successful MBE general contractor in the Columbus construction market. I take immense pride in both projects and the meaningful partnerships they have led to.


The best part of your job: 

The best part of my job is that it is multifaceted. Firstly, I thoroughly enjoy meeting and learning about new people, as it allows me to expand my network and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives. Secondly, planning the future of Sessley Building Services (SBS) alongside my partners brings a sense of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead.


Moreover, building on the legacy my father and business partners established is both fulfilling and motivating. It gives me a strong sense of purpose and pride in continuing their work and advancing the company. Additionally, knowing that my efforts contribute to providing stability for my family is incredibly gratifying and drives me to work even harder.


Lastly, making a meaningful impact on the community, I come from and the city I grew up in is immensely rewarding. Being able to contribute to local development and positively affect the lives of those around me brings a profound sense of fulfillment to my professional journey.

What do you like about Central Ohio: 

The region’s constant growth and evolution make it an exciting place to live and work. The diversity of experiences from encountering new places and meeting people, to discovering opportunities for personal, business and community development, creates a dynamic and fulfilling environment. The shared enthusiasm of the community and construction industry, specifically for progress and positive change, makes Central Ohio a unique and thriving place to grow my business and raise my family.


The best compliment anyone could give you: 

Being recognized as sincere, transparent, caring about others, and committed to creating shared success would make me smile.


Best advice you ever got:

“Change my world through my example, not my opinions.”


Something that people don’t know about you or that is unique about you: 

I’m a 3x NCAA All-American Wrestler for Ohio State. I am very proud of this accomplishments.


What’s something on your bucket list: 

To visit all seven continents, spending a month in each, immersing myself in the diverse people, cultures, festivals, natural and built environment, and experiencing all the unique aspects each place offers.