Micah Brown, Project Engineer at Sessley Building Services.



Why or how did you get into construction:

I became passionate about construction due to my great-grandfather’s influence. He was a skilled bricklayer in central Ohio; when we drove around Columbus, he showed me various projects that he had been a part of. Witnessing his dedication and the impressive buildings he contributed to profoundly inspired me. I aspired to pursue a career allowing me to participate in projects I could proudly call my own.


First project you were a part of:

The first project I was involved in professionally was Co-live, a multi-unit building in central Columbus. It was an incredibly gratifying experience to witness the transformation and be an integral part of a project that I could conveniently pass by and find satisfaction in. 


The best part of your job:

The most enjoyable aspect of my project engineer role is the opportunity to tackle challenges head-on and collaborate closely with local businesses.


What do you like about Central Ohio:

I like central Ohio because it’s where I grew up, and it’s interesting to see the city develop and grow over time. Various opportunities and experiences are available here, making it a fulfilling place to live and work. Witnessing the positive changes and advancements happening in the community is satisfying.


Best compliment anyone could give you:

The best compliment someone could give me is to acknowledge my work ethic and my impact on their lives or the community. Knowing that my efforts have positively influenced others and made a difference is incredibly fulfilling and validates my hard work and dedication.


Most interesting place you’ve traveled and why:

The most captivating place I have visited is Sedona, Arizona. The stunning red mountains and rock formations create a breathtaking, awe-inspiring backdrop that remains etched in my memory. And having the opportunity to connect closely with nature made this trip truly unforgettable.


What’s something you’ve always wanted to do or is on your bucket list?

As a newlywed, one of our dream destinations is to visit Thailand. The natural beauty, along with their laid-back lifestyle, is the place to be for a much-needed vacation.