Why or how did you get into construction:

I have loved construction since I was little playing with trucks and “diggers”.  Learning to run heavy equipment doing dirt work and finding the Construction Management program at OSU, I was hooked and never looked back.  


First project/most memorable/most proud project you were a part of: 

I got my start as a Superintendent in Residential Construction, and I had many memorable homeowners over the first few years.  Handing over the keys of a brand-new home to a first-time homeowner was extremely rewarding.  


Best part of your job: 

At the end of a project getting to see the results and the client’s reaction.  Everything that goes into a project from the people to the processes, all coming together and delivering a successful result makes the hard work worth it.


What do you like about Central Ohio: 

It’s home.  Columbus is just big enough to get the big city benefits without the big city headaches!  Seeing the growth of Central Ohio and being a part of that is exciting to watch and be a part of.    


Best compliment anyone could give you: 

That I am a trustworthy and valuable resource. 


Ohio State Football and Golf (try at least).  I can also be a bit of a nerd with a weekly trivia night, D&D, and gaming. 


Most interesting place you’ve traveled and why:

Switzerland.  The incredible mountain views and everything is so clean.  Would love to go back someday.