image displaying Chris Hinkle - Project Superintendent



Why or how did you get into construction:

I grew up surrounded by construction. My father was deeply involved in the industry, and from a young age, I was hands-on with various projects around the house. Being familiar with tools, materials, and blueprints from early on made it a clear choice for me to pursue a career in construction, given my familiarity with its many facets.


What was the first project of your professional career: 

Right out of college, I was placed on a Columbus City School project as an assistant project superintendent. We upgraded the HVAC and electrical systems in 3 elementary schools. The project was delivered as design/build and was my first experience with that delivery method. It was a great first experience and a big project to put on my resume.  


Best part of your job: 

The best part of my job is learning new means and methods to perform various tasks and keeping up with all the latest technology trends in construction.


What do you like about Central Ohio: 

Columbus is still growing and it just fits that I stay here for my career. I’ve had so many experiences and memories growing up in Central Ohio. I like being close to my family and friends.


Best compliment anyone could give you: 

Chris is hard-working and determined.



I enjoy fishing, golfing and cars.


Something that people might not know about you:

I played football and baseball during my school years, and I’ve always been into disc golf. Plus, I’ve got two Newfoundland dogs that are a big part of my life.