image displaying 'Angie Beatty - Project Administrator'



Why this business or how did you get into construction:

This was not my original plan but sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and it’s amazing how my temporary receptionist position turned into a long-term career path. I’ve embraced new opportunities, moving from Miles-McClellan to their masonry division and now working with Sessley Building Services. Working with a quickly growing new business like Sessley Building Services is exciting and I am a part of their growth and contribute to their success. 


First project/most memorable/most proud project you were a part of: 

My most memorable project was The Ohio State University’s North Residential Transformation Project while I was with the masonry division. Anyone driving down Lane Ave through OSU’s campus will see our masonry work. You can’t miss it!  


Best part of your job: 

It’s cool to see our projects changing the look of cities and neighborhoods, but I really like the teams I’ve worked with over the years.


What do you like about Central Ohio: 

It’s where I was born and raised in Central Ohio.  It’s home. It’s growing to be a destination city and I like the diverse culture that comes with that growth.


Best compliment anyone could give you: 

I like when someone says they like talking to me.  It’s simple but I feel connected and appreciated. 


Something that people don’t know about you or that is unique about you:  

I used to volunteer at an exotic/big cat rescue and worked directly with lions, tigers, bears (Oh my!), mountain lions, wolves and Arctic foxes.  I had strong bonds with a Bengal tiger named Jacob and a mountain lion named Nico who would both come running to get/give big cat love every time they saw me.  It’s an incredible feeling to put your hand on a tiger’s face knowing you trust each other.    


What’s something you’ve always wanted to do or is on your bucket list?   

Travel to Alaska and see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).